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MIKROMED locking compression plates are the system of stainless steel and titanium plates and screws that combines locking screws technology and conventional plating techniques.

This system provides, using conventional surgical techniques, ability to create fixed-angle of bone fragments immobilization.

It’s particularly recommended in case of:

multiple fractures,
nonunions and malunions,
osteopenic bone,
osteotomy stabilization
when standard screws are not enough or not efficient.

Locking compression plates have threaded holes that allow the surgeon to choose between conventional cortex screws, with or without compression, and locking screws.

The main advantages of this system are:

possibility to create fixed-angle of bone fragments immobilization,
possibility to achieve compression using conventional cortex and
 cancellous screws (it’s possible to use combination of conventional and
 locking screws),
appropriate design allows for reduction (up to elimination) plate-to-bone
 contact – it allows for better blood flow in place of operation,
the shape of the plate can be adapted to the anatomical shape of the bone,
 which is especially important in the periarticular fractures.

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