Products/ Intramedullary Nails - Trochanteric nails

We offer two types of trochanteric nails:
short trochanteric nails,
long trochanteric nails.

Short trochanteric nails are applied for proximal femur fixation. They are particularly recommended for subtrochanteric, pertrochanteric and intertrochanteric fractures. Thanks to two bolts (interlocking and anti-rotational) applied angularly (shaft/bolt angle), femur head is anatomically positioned against its shaft. Construction of trochanteric nail – thanks to appropriately designed holes in the proximal part - enables appropriate shaft/bolt angle. Additionally, to protect medial part against rotational forces it is particularly recommended to apply Ø6,5mm anti-rotational bolt.

Segmental fractures (e.g. proximal epiphysis and shaft fractures) are typical fractures for fixation of which long trochanteric nails are used. One of the fractures can be located in the trochanter area (pertrochanteric, subtrochanteric, intertrochanteric fracture) while the other on the femoral shaft.

Long trochanteric nail is also successful in treatment of femoral neck fractures combined with shaft fractures. Due to the fact that they are very unstable fractures, it is recommended to use anti-rotational bolt in every case. Fully interlocked proximal part disables rotational forces. Construction of a long nail allows for angular bolt introduction and selection of required shaft/bolt angle.

For proximal and distal interlocking of trochanteric nails we supply the following set of screws:
Ø11,0mm cannulated interlocking screw,
Ø11,0mm cannulated interlocking grooved screw,
Ø6,5mm cannulated anti - rotational screw,
Ø5,0mm distal interlocking screw,
M8 plug screw,
M8 compression screw,
M12x1 mm “0” mm plug screw,
M12x1 flange plug bolt (2 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm).

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