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A set for external fixation of BHH Mikromed type is of simple construction based on repeatable elements. This construction uses nails to mount an apparatus to the bone, is rigid and enables building of various constructions which is necessary in clinical conditions.

A set of elements for external fixation enables the following constructions:
clamping-frame spatial construction with high rigidity for fixation of femur,
frame construction for fixation of shank,
frame construction for fixation of fragments after arthrodesis.

A BHH Mikromed set may be also used for elongation of bones which requires application of additional distractive device.

Regardless the mentioned typical constructions it is possible to create another ones required by the anatomic conditions or kind of bone tissue damage. Reliability of the fixation results from application of technical solutions.

Required mechanical properties and corrosion resistance was obtained by application of implantation stainless steel Cr-Ni-Mo of alloy D brand. Both chemical composition and other properties of this steel meet requirements of international ISO standard.

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